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The Danish Society of Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science (Det Danske Weizmann Selskab) was founded in 1992 and its aim is promotion of scientific collaboration between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Danish universities and research institutes, including exchange programs for scientists and students.

Several scientists of the Weizmann Institute of Science collaborate with research institutes in Denmark, and a number of joint projects have been going on for several years, including the universities in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Besides direct scientific collaboration the Danish Weizmann Society arranges symposia in selected areas where we invite distinguished scientists from the WIS and Danish research institutes, which have turned out to be quite successful both in terms of promoting scientific collaboration and attracting financial backing from public and private foundations. The last two events have been symposia on Neuroscience and Biological Structures.

Presently, we are planning a symposium on "Proteins, from creation to destruction - and what lies in between". Details of this event will be updated during the process of planning on the homepage.